Friday, 5 March 2010

How to buy our album

Our debut album is here! Sorry for the delay.

'Loveless Unbeliever' will be available to buy on CD, download & limited edition red vinyl from:

- us on our UK tour in March

- Elefant Records / Spain / Korea / Mexico / Canada / USA in April

- UK / everywhere else from May

To read more about the album you can visit the Elefant website


1. Let It Slip
2. Is He Really Coming Home?
3. Valentine
4. I Want You Back
5. Is It True?
6. I Love Everything
7. Can't Understand
8. The One Who Left Me
9. Hoping and Praying
10. Summer's Here
11. Shoulder
12. All I Wanna Do
13. I Don't Believe in Love


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Team Stevie said...

Some things in life are worth the wait, "Loveless unbeliever", the debut album by Cardiff based fine purveyors of indiepop, The School is most certainly one of those things. "Loveless unbeliever" will bring a wide smile to any music fan remotely interested in indiepop or the Sixties girl group sound, all the hallmarks are present, production by the indiepop maestro Ian Catt (think The Field Mice or Saint Etienne, possibly bypassing The Tweenies for a moment), harmonies, handclaps, strings, it's all here. Frontwoman Liz Hunt has one of those voices that such fans will just crave for and can never get enough of.

The album kicks in with the full throttle of last year's single Let it slip, more guitar based than most of their tracks but, it's perfect pop, think Heavenly with lovely Shirelles shoop shoop harmonies and handclapping, it has that vibe. Long standing fans of the band will know a fair number of tracks on the album but the new tracks really show how the band have developed in the last year, Is he really coming home, is sensational, the opening aching mood of the beating drums breaks into beautiful layers of twangy guitar, strings and the addition of the brass really completes the band's sound. This track is everything I dreamed the band could produce, it's hard not to go back and have another listen or two. Another oldie, I want you back deserves it's place as an album, it was always way too strong for a B-side, the strings are perfect, you could dance to this track in any soul club. The new tracks really do show how much writing talent the band possess. Is it true? has a choppy Supremes
"Baby love" feel to it. I love everything is the real surprise, an acoustic ballad, it's like an "I I fell", "I'll follow the sun" Beatles ballad with a subtle George Harrisson guitar solo, the chord changes are really pleasent too. Can't understand is a real highlight, it's fast and furious, another dancefloor filler, the beat, the harmonies and the brass totally take you over. We go a bit Shangri-las for a while, The one who left me has that clasic Mary Weiss, Shadow Morton reminisce, Liz turns up the emotion here, it is top draw. Hoping and praying should be played on every radio station, every day, it is 100% perfect pop, castanets, brass, swaying harmonies and a Hank Marvin style guitar solo for good measure, one word, fantastic. I've been waiting several years for a studio recording of Summer's here and boy it doesn't disappoint, the bouncy keys and choppy guitar is bolstered by lovely percusiion and brass, the way Liz sings the chorus is heartbreaking, I'm so happy with the way it's been recorded and produced. The album closes with I don't believe in love, when I first heard it as a B-side it passed me by a bit but I was wrong, it is the perfect album closer, the duet between Rob (Voluntary Butler Scheme) and Liz packs total emotion, it has much more depth than initially meets the ear, much more.

"Loveless unbeliever" is something very special, an album of pure pop Sixties tinged indiepop released in 2010. We are lucky to have this band, such bands are too few and far between and this album will quickly remind anyone why.

Martin said...

I can't find a weak track on this album.

TheAlmightyGuru said...

Anyone who composed the various songs on this album?